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POP Heroes: DC Holiday Gingerbread Asst. (6pack)

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POP Heroes: DC Holiday Gingerbread Asst. (6pack)



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One of the most popular collectibles on the market today, Funko brings the Pop! series to life! Pop! figures bring a unique and stylized flair to your favorite characters from across the pop culture spectrum. Ranging in size from Pocket Pops! to giant Mega Pops!, the Pop! series also delves into a large array of accessories including shirts, bags, plushies and so much more!
DC Comics is an iconic American comic book publisher beginning in 1937. DC Comics is widely known for publishing memorable comics of heroic characters such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and many more. With a deep collection of characters under the company’s belt, DC Comics has expanded to other media forms like film and video games, along with a never ending collection of toys and collectibles based of the companies famous heroes and villains.

Assortment comes with:

Gingerbread Super Man (2)

Gingerbread Wonder Woman

Gingerbread The Flash

Gingerbread Aquaman

Gingerbread Batman

Regular unit list price: $12.50 CAD

Special unit list price: $8.00 CAD

Bundle special cost: $48.00


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